Wednesday 24th April 2024
rock climbing

What is rock climbing? Rock climbing is actually a sport where participants scale, fall or otherwise move up, downward or over natural or artificial rock surfaces. The point is to reach the top or the finishing summit of a
clean climbing shoes

How to clean climbing shoes? The importance of how to clean climbing shoes cannot be overstated. These shoes can mean life or death for the climber, so if it looks bad, it does indeed look bad. This holds especially true for indo
climb Everest

How long to climb Everest? How long does it take to climb Mount Everest? This is the question that has plagued mountaineering enthusiasts and adventure seekers for decades. The basic answer to this question would be, "it depend
climb Ben Nevis

How long to climb Ben Nevis? It is an important consideration as you may not want to be climbing for more than a couple of days in the peak season. That said, there are still some other factors that you will need to take into acc
climb Snowdon

How long to climb Snowdon? This is a question that many people ask, especially when they are planning a trip to the high altitudes of Wales. The first thing to know about the mountain is that it is not as long as some of the mo